We are shipping!

Last night I picked up five boxes of bags and took them down the road to our friends at Safari Island, who are running fulfilment for us.    We have the blues… Today 60 medium black bags and 10 medium blues will be winging their way to customers all over the world. The workshop is building …Read more

Labelled with love…

 There’s something really exciting about having proper labels…    Proper labels! These arrived a week or so ago and are already being sewn into your bags. The ID codes and maker’s signature will go on by hand, so we can keep track of everything for quality control. Manufacturing continues apace at the workshop. Everywhere you …Read more

In full swing

 Production is underway! After what felt like a long two weeks, the Kickstarter funds arrived on Monday, so we’ve been able to place our orders with a few suppliers who required payment in advance.  Fabric, zips, buckles and stiffener plates have already arrived in the workshop.  Reflective webbing is on the looms and scheduled to …Read more