In full swing

 Production is underway!

After what felt like a long two weeks, the Kickstarter funds arrived on Monday, so we’ve been able to place our orders with a few suppliers who required payment in advance. 

Fabric, zips, buckles and stiffener plates have already arrived in the workshop.  Reflective webbing is on the looms and scheduled to arrive at the beginning of next week. Mounting brackets and plates should get here from Germany at the end of of the week.

But most excitingly, we are now sewing bags! The picture below shows Angie working on the liner and inner pocket assembly of a Medium bag. As all the liners are grey, this just might be your bag…

So far, we are on track to begin shipping bags in mid October, and we aim to meet our original delivery deadline. If anything changes along the way, I’ll let you know immediately.

A handful of you have yet to return your colour and bracket preference surveys. You are now too late to influence the colour choice, but please do send the survey anyway if you’ve yet to do so. We need your mailing address for delivery, and we want to make sure you get the bag and bracket combination you want. 

If the survey didn’t get through to you for some reason, just message me directly through Kickstarter, and we’ll sort things out that way.

Many thanks again for all your support and encouragement,


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Posted on: October 31, 2013
By: toast
In: Bridgestreet blog