Q: Is it waterproof? 


A: It’s very water resistant! The bag is made of two layers of waterproof fabric. The roll-top closure is the same type used on canoe bags and the main seams are all positioned out of the line of rainfall or spray from the tyres. In practice, the bag keeps water out very well – we don’t know anyone who has experienced a leak while riding. One reviewer even tested it in a power shower without leakage. We don’t seal the seams though, so it probably won’t cope with full immersion.

Q: Does it have a shoulder strap? 


A: Yes! This was the number one most requested feature by Kickstarter backers. Every bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that clips onto the buckles at each end of the bag.

Q: What is the weight limit of the mountings? 

A: The high mounting bracket has a load limit of 5kg (11lb). The low bracket has a slightly higher load limit of 7kg (15lb). It is hard to fit the Large bag on the low bracket, however, unless you are very tall or ride a bike with particularly small wheels. So 5kg is probably the practical weight limit for most people. For more information see the Specifications Page

Q: Is there a choice of colours? 

A: Yes. At the moment, we are making the bags in Black, Grey, Red, Hi-Viz Yellow, Royal Blue. For more information see the Specifications Page

Q: How do I use the clips by the opening of the bag?

A: The clips on the opening serve two functions:

1) You can attach the shoulder strap there. 

2) If you want to, you can close the bag by clipping them together once you’ve rolled it shut. During testing, we found that people who were used to canoe bags and other types of bag with roll-top closures expected to be able to do that.

The choice is yours!