Is this the bag for you?

There are thousands of different ways to carry stuff on your bike, and the Bridge Street Saddlebag is just one of them. We’re a niche player and we know it. There are plenty of cyclists for whom this bag just isn’t going to be right:

  • If you’re a racer, who only needs to carry a tube, a multitool and an energy gel, you can find smaller, simpler solutions elsewhere
  • If you’re an expedition rider, who wants to carry full camping and cooking gear, or if you need to commute with a suit and two laptops, then racks and panniers are probably the way to go
  • If you love the classic appearance of the traditional canvas and leather saddlebag, you should use one, they’re beautiful and practical.

But if your bike is part of your life and you need to carry life’s essentials without compromising your riding experience, or you want to extend your range and put a bit more adventure into your cycling, then the Bridge Street Saddlebag might be for you.