There’s room for a better saddlebag….


The Bridge Street Saddlebag emerged from our search for the perfect bag for lightweight, unencumbered adventures. It takes all the benefits of traditional large capacity saddlebags, and adds a bunch of new ones

Lightweight – haul your stuff, not your bag


The Bridge Street Saddlebag is constructed from two layers of high strength coated nylon, wrapped around a hollow polymer frame. The design of the bag means the fabric doesn’t rub on anything as you ride, so we don’t need heavy fabrics or reinforcements, while the waterproof coatings are safely sandwiched inside the bag for a longer life.

Convenient – mounts in a second

Convenient - mounts in a second

We use a standard, quick release mounting system on the back of our bags. You might have the very same thing on the back of a handlebar bag. It is simple, reliable and instant to use. Spare parts are widely available if you break something, or lose something, or want to use the same bag on other bikes. And yes, you can mount the Bridge Street Saddlebag up front if the shape of your bars permits it.

Expandable – adapts to your load

Expandable - adapts to your load

We’ve designed the bag to grow and shrink according to your needs. Need plenty of sandwiches? No problem, the bag will take your whole lunch, without rattling around when you empty it before the afternoon ride. Seen some irresistible artichokes at a roadside stall? you can probably fit them in…

Minimal – because less is so much more


The Bridge Street Saddlebag has just a few, carefully chosen features. The lining material is a grey nylon that makes it easier to find your stuff without showing the stains of a tough life too much. There is a single zipped interior pocket that is big enough to hold a map. A discreet second zip provides access to the internal frame for crash repairs, and offers a secret place to stash your emergency bail-out cash.

Trustworthy – solid, safe and secure

Trustworthy - solid, safe and secure

Our ingenious endless straps are the key to the Bridge Street Saddlebag’s versatility. They offer a huge range of adjustment to hold the bag firmly closed and keep your load from bouncing around, however full or empty. You can even strap your jacket on top of the bag if the sun comes out unexpectedly on a wet winter afternoon.¬† And because both ends of the strap are permanently connected, they’re less likely to get caught in your wheel if you forget to do them up at the end of a long day.

Reflective trim, a reflective logo and a loop for an LED light help you to be seen on dark winter commutes, night rides or dawn-to-dusk epics.

Simple – it’s about riding, not packing

Simple - it's about riding, not packing

Using the bag is easy, on the bike or off. Just roll the top down over your load, squeezing the air out as you go. Then loop the straps round and cinch them tight. To open it, simply loosen the buckles and slide the straps off the sides.

Off the bike, a handy shoulder strap means the bag can go wherever you do.



The Bridge Street Saddlebag comes in three complementary sizes:

  • Large: with a volume of around 15 litres (around 900 cubic inches) for long weekends, laden commuting or lightweight camping trips
  • Medium: with a volume of around 8 litres (around 500 cubic inches) for everyday use, from day rides to long-distance, hotel-based tours
  • Small: with a volume of around 4 litres (around 250 cubic inches), for day rides, lightweight extremists or as a great second bag for when you don’t need all the capacity of the large or medium bags


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Can’t decide which one you need? go for the Medium, we think its perfect for most occasions.

Fittings Fitting_2

There are two mounting options too:

  • The low mounting is lighter, neater and has a slightly higher load capacity, but it works best with smaller bags and bikes that have a lot of seat post showing. Some riders also find that their backs of their thighs touch the bag as they ride.
  • The high mounting is a bit heavier (adds 115g/4oz to the weight of the system) but holds the biggest loads well clear of your legs, and of the back wheel.

You can choose the mounting option that works best for you and your bike when you order your bag.

Click here for full specifications.